Over the years the Julius Meinl brand has become a well known name in Vienna, Austria and Central Europe.

No other brand is so associated with traditional Vienna coffee house culture. It is a symbol for premium quality and outstanding taste. Most leading Vienna coffee houses serve Julius Meinl Coffee. The typical Vienna Coffee House offers a lot to everyone. People come to meet, to read, to see and to be seen. And all come for the coffee, which is served in many different ways.

With the opening of our coffee houses in Chicago, Julius Meinl brings the flair of a typical Vienna coffee house to the United StatesOur coffees, teas, drinking chocolates and jams come to you directly from Vienna, as do the recipes of the pastries for which Vienna is famous. Our coffee house at Southport & Addison bridges traditional values with modern culture through their menus, which feature authentic Viennese cuisine. They are professionally prepared and served with premium quality coffee.

The Meinl Coffee houses on Chicago’s North Side were created by an Austrian company which specializes in coffee house interior design. Furniture and fixtures were designed and built in their special workshop near Vienna and shipped to Chicago.

Come visit us at Southport & Addison and experience Vienna’s coffee house culture.